Front-End Developer

Building Websites You Can Manage

I specialize in building easy-to-use content for the Hubspot content management system; whether this be an entire theme, modules for the drag and drop email experience, or just a single landing page template.

What's There to Know About the Developer Behind the Code?

I'm born, raised, and still living in Texas. I have four lovely kitty cats in my family (Ammon, Bastet, Aati, and Mafdet) and recently added a dog to the mix (Aani). Other than hanging out with the pets I spend most of my off time just playing games or watching television.

As for my work experience - I've been coding since I was a teen and in the last 10+ years the bulk of my time has been spent in the Hubspot CMS. Currently I am employed as a web developer at the Hubspot Elite Partner marketing agency Lynton.